Frequently ASKED Questions

Q: What items do I need for a tax learning session?

A: Great question! Having your materials pulled together in advance lets us focus on maximizing your learning, not chasing after this stuff. You’ll need:

  1. A computer to work on.
  2. Tax prep software (I prefer TurboTax for my own taxes but make sure you check IRS free file to see if you can get software without paying out of pocket). Depending on your tax situation, the software may be free, or perhaps ~$100 depending on which version of the software you will use. We can look at this together at the beginning of your session, or you can check it out in advance, your preference.
  3. All your tax paperwork for the year in question, such as W-2’s, 1099’s, interest statements for things like a mortgage loan or student loan, etc. If you are married filing jointly, you need this paperwork for both spouses.
  4. If you have any self-employment income from your own business (eg, tutoring, consulting, etc.), you need information on revenues and expenses (i.e., costs incurred in order to generate that revenue, like supplies) for the calendar year in question (Jan-Dec). If you are married filing jointly, you need this info for both spouses. 
  5. A copy of last year’s tax return, which we’ll use to identify certain metrics for electronic filing of your return (this is for identity-theft-prevention). If you don’t have it, we may be able to request the needed info online, but it is much easier if you have this in hand.
  6. Account information for a checking or savings account, where your refund will be deposited (if you are getting a refund), or where your payment will be drawn from (if you owe).

Q: Where do we meet up?

A: During the pandemic, we’ll do an online meetup over Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, or using other software that you prefer. Just let me know if you have a preference. You’ll want to use a computer rather than a smartphone, for the screen size and other features.

Q: I have an unusual/complicated tax situation. Do you take clients like me?

A: Well, “unusual” or “complicated” can mean different things to different people. If your situation is too complicated to do it justice in a “regular” session, or if it is beyond my capabilities, I will clearly communicate this. I encourage you to contact me, give a short description, and I’ll let you know!