These personal finance resources have all helped me on my own journey, maybe they will help you too!


IRS Free File
Lots of people qualify for free tax prep software! Before you shell out, check to see if you are in that group.

This is the tax software I use for my own taxes. I prefer the downloadable desktop version (some prefer the online version). The NY Times’ Wirecutter reviewed tax software, and recommends TurboTax Deluxe for more complicated returns.


Mad Fientist
The article on HSAs got me started with this wonderful vehicle.

The Finance Buff
My favorite finance blogger, year after year. Great nuts-and-bolts articles, and I love the weekly email newsletter with links to articles from other writers.

The Wealthy Accountant
Taught me about selling tradelines, a weird and cool way to profit from having good credit.

New York Times, Your Money
This article helped everyone in my housing co-op save about $400 one year with an early property tax payment.

Occasional food for thought, like if fees are so high it’s not worth investing in a 401k plan

Can I Retire Yet?
The monthly “Best of the Web” round ups are wonderful, and then you also get some that really hit home.

Oblivious Investor
Just…good articles about personal finance.


The Simple Path to Wealth
This is my recommendation for someone who wants to read one, and only one, book about saving and investing. Collins is an engaging writer and his advice is solid – exactly the approach I’ve followed.

Your Money or Your Life
This book has some big ideas – money as a representation of your life energy, and the true hourly wage are the two I’ve come back to most often.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street
An academic author writing for a lay audience, this book cemented the value of index investing for me.

The Complete Tightwad Gazette
I came of age in the 90s and certainly have a creatively frugal streak, so maybe that’s why this compilation of Dacyzyn’s newsletters appealed to me so much. No question about it, some old-fashioned tightwaddery can put you in the right mindset for upping your investing.